First Go At Cupcakes

imageMarch 2014. I hadn’t used fondant to make decorations yet or made decorated cupcakes, so I wanted to have a go at both! I’d seen some amazing cupcakes by the very talented Lesley Wright from the Royal Bakery which I LOVED! I used a couple of ideas from them and personalised the toppers for one of my best friends, her husband and five children (and my daughter and husband too!) as we were spending the day at their house. Β Trying to squeeze seven faces into a family portrait frame on top of a cupcake was quite a challenge!20140401-134902.jpg

imageI did a chess piece for their son – he’s brilliant at sport and chess, but the chess piece fitted in best with the colour scheme!

imageMy daughter’s one had her favourite teddy bear and blanket on.

imageMy husband is bald on our little family portrait as he has a shaved head and every way I tried doing that with fondant it looked rubbish! So for the purposes of the cupcakes he is bald!!


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