Mothers Day Quatrefoil Flower Cake

Happy Mother’s Day to my lovely mum! This is also a late (7 weeks late…) birthday cake for her, as her and my sister-in-laws all have their birthdays within 10 days of each other and I was busy working on one of my sister-in-law’s 30th birthday cake this year.

20140401-135215.jpgThis cake did not end up how I’d designed it! The cake was going to be black and white with a red / pink / yellow flower (I hadn’t decided yet!) but when I came to use the black modelling chocolate I’d previously made, I discovered it was actually left over black fondant from the shoe box cake. I wanted to use modelling chocolate for the quatrefoil pattern on the cake as it holds it’s shape when putting it on the cake and doesn’t stretch and distort like fondant can. So the pattern on the cake ended up pink and I chose purple for the fondant flower I made to go with it.

I wanted try a new fondant to cover the cake in this time. I’ve read rave reviews about Elizabeth Marek’s marshmallow fondant recipe. She’s done a video tutorial on her website (Artisan Cake Company) which I followed. Normally I make the fondant a couple of days ahead, but she uses hers as soon as she’s made it while it’s still warm, so that’s what I did. The fondant seemed great when I was rolling it out and looked so smooth, but I just couldn’t get it to roll really thin like she does as it seemed to firm up too much. When I put it on the cake, because it was a bit thicker than I would have liked, it was just too heavy and started tearing on the edges. I’m not sure what went wrong, but she’s very specific about which marshmallows work and which ones don’t, and as they’re American brands that I don’t have access to, maybe my marshmallows were ones that don’t work!

I managed to get the fondant off without disturbing the ganache, so decided to start again with the recipe I usually use (from Jessicakes Blog) which worked beautifully, but making another batch of fondant wasn’t the last minute hiccup I needed when making a cake the night before the clocks go forward!!!

imageI used quatrefoil cutters for the modelling chocolate from Not Just Cakes by Annie which cut beautifully. I don’t have any special petal cutters, so cut three small circles and several larger circles for the flower and ruffled the edges in the palm of my hand with a ball tool. I let them firm up and shape in a cupcake tin and an egg holder covered in cling film, and used melted chocolate to fix them all together and to the cake.

Not the colours I’d planned, and a few hiccups along the way, but I’m pleased with the finished result!

imageIt’s hard to tell the scale of the cake from the picture as it’s on a MASSIVE cake plate, but it was a 6 inch diameter vanilla cake with three one inch layers and vanilla buttercream in between.


3 thoughts on “Mothers Day Quatrefoil Flower Cake

  1. Bex these cakes are incredible! Super talented… Just had great fun looking through your blog and am now… Craving cake. Amazing! I think my favourite is the shoe box. Can’t wait to see the next creation xx


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