My first decorated cake!

20140401-134026.jpgThis is where it started… My first decorated cake! Lots of firsts, the main one being the first birthday of our precious little girl in August 2013 which is what made me scour the internet for cake ideas, instructions and tips in order to try and make her a nice cake!DSCF5730

This was my first time using gumpaste (for the flowers and decorations), first time making Swiss meringue buttercream, first time crumb coating and covering a cake (with shop bought fondant which was horrible to work with :-/), first time making and stacking tiers, first time staying up till 2am wondering if I’d ever get the cake finished…!

The cake design was taken from a beautiful cake I’d seen when I googled ‘first birthday cakes’ and found one I loved by Pink Cake Box. I had no idea where to start with covering a cake so through the Pink Cake Box website I found out about Craftsy where you can download video tutorial classes. I then discovered Jessica Harris from Jessicakes Blog’s Clean and Simple Cake Design class which covered everything I needed to know! Unfortunately I didn’t discover it in time to try out her marshmallow fondant recipe, so was stuck with the shop bought stuff which I will never use to cover a cake again!!! I can thoroughly recommend her class – she has such great tips and ideas and I would have been completely lost without it!

I also ran out of time to cover the silver cake board and put ribbon around the edge, but at 2am in the morning I thought that getting some sleep the night before her birthday was more important!!!

But I loved the whole experience and it made me want to learn, practise and try and improve a whole lot more!


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