Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding CupcakesA few weeks ago we went to a beautiful wedding out in the Essex countryside. The weather was amazing for April – blue skies and sunshine all day, so the ceremony was held outside (and a couple of the guests were a bit red-faced by the time we went in for the wedding reception!)

Blake Hall, Essex

Blake Hall, Essex

My hubby works with the groom and I was going to make some cupcakes for him to take into work before the wedding, but then I thought, who wants to eat lots of cake a few days before their wedding?! So instead I made them post-wedding, pre-honeymoon, which actually worked out better as it meant I could use the photos from the wedding day to base all the details for the cupcakes on!

Blake Hall Weddings Essex Barn CupcakeThe wedding reception and evening reception were held in a beautifully restored 17th century barn, which also was the backdrop for the drinks after the ceremony. So I made one of the cupcakes a side view of  the barn. I used a sieve pressed into the fondant to make the tile pattern for the roof and scored the black fondant horizontally to recreate the timber beams.

The wedding colour was moss-green so I used that for the background colour on two of the cupcakes and for the ribbon and photo frame. The bouquets were ivory and green with a few dusky pink roses in the bride’s bouquet and for the groom’s buttonhole. The roses were really fiddly to make as they were so small – I cut a strip of fondant for each of them, thinned the edge with a ball-tool and then gently rolled them up and eased apart the edges. I used a large flower cutter for the leaves with each petal making a leaf which I scored down the middle.

Mini Wedding Cake CupcakeTheir wedding cake was three shimmery white heart-shaped tiers with green ribbon around the base of each cake, so one of the cupcakes was based on that (although I didn’t really think about how tall that would make it and the cupcake box wouldn’t shut!) I made three different sized hearts, stacked them and then sprayed them

The actual wedding cake (not sure who it was made by)

The actual wedding cake (not sure who it was made by)

with edible pearl lustre spray. I used an extruder gun to pipe the green ribbon and then wrapped it around the base of each of the cakes. I was going to make a little silver knife to sit alongside the cake, but ran out of time!

Bride & Groom CupcakeBy far the most time consuming and complicated cake was the bride and groom one! It was so fiddly and there were so many little details, but I wanted to try and get them right. The cupcakes I’ve done before with people in them have been in picture frames, so they have less room and so less detail in the clothing. The bride was the most complicated as the strapless dress meant sculpting the body out of one piece of fondant, whereas the groom was lots of different layers for the shirt, cravat, waistcoat and suit. I rolled the fondant as thin as I could to make the necklace and attached tiny individual circles to the hair for the hair accessory.

Cupcakes In Progress

Cupcakes in progress…

The icing underneath the toppers on top of the cupcakes was not quite as firm as usual when I piped it as I’d forgotten to take the butter out of the fridge and needed to make it 15 minutes before my hubby left for work with them – the quick blast in the microwave (13 seconds) to soften the butter must have been a few seconds too many..! I had a phone call from my hubby on route to work saying that the mini wedding cake was starting to capsize as it was the heaviest one, but he managed to rescue it and they arrived all in one piece. Phew!!

Congratulations Sam and Anna! It was a fantastic wedding, and hopefully the cupcakes capture a few of the details from a beautiful day. 🙂Wedding Cupcake Toppers


2 thoughts on “Wedding Cupcakes

  1. The first time I saw ur cupcakes, I fell inlove right away. …its like love @ first sight. They are soo cute n unique n colorful….tnku sooo mch fir inspiring.. =)


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