A little explanation for the lack of recent updates

Although August was my busiest month yet for cakes (five cakes), I only got as far as updating this blog with the first cake (the Cricket Cake for a 70th birthday), and I just wanted to explain why I’m so behind. If you follow my Little Hill Cakes Facebook page and saw my post on 10th September, then you’ll know why, but I just wanted to write something here for anyone who didn’t and is wondering why I’ve neglected updating this blog for the last six weeks.

I found out at the end of June that we were expecting another baby,Β and we were absolutely thrilled. By the end of July morning sickness had set in, and being our second baby, I had started to show much earlier.

I had really bad morning sickness throughout August, to the point where some days I didn’t keep anything down, so looking after a toddler and getting through the day was a challenge in itself, even without the addition of my busiest cake month yet. So for some of the cakes I had to scale back my designs. Previously I’ve stayed up really late (all night on one occasion…) to get a cake finished, but I just felt too sick and exhausted to be able to manage that, so had to be more sensible and simplify some of the designs I’d come up with.

Very sadly our precious little unborn baby died at 14 weeks which was discovered during a routine scan. It was a massive shock as a scan two weeks earlier had shown everything was fine, and we had seen our 12 week old baby moving and it’s little heart beating.

So we’ve just come back from a week away and having a little time out from our normal day to day lives while I recovered from the subsequent operation and as I start to recover from the physical and emotional effects of what’s happened.

I will try and update the blog with the four cakes I haven’t put on here yet over the coming days / weeks as and when I get some time. I’ve already put pictures of the finished cakes as well as some in progress pictures on my Little Hill Cakes Instagram page @littlehillcakes if you want to have a look in the mean time.

Although my heart is still aching and the tears are still flowing, we are trusting in our Heavenly Father who knows all things and is in control of all things, that even though we don’t understand why, He knows, and He will help us and comfort us through this difficult time.


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