Post-Ceremony Pre-Reception Wedding Cupcakes

imageI’ve realised I haven’t updated this blog with the cupcakes I made at the end of September. I don’t have any in-progress pictures and just snapped a couple of pictures on my phone of the finished toppers before we headed off for the wedding, but I thought I’d better update the blog with them – better late than never!

Our friends Stephen and Ali got married up in Nottingham at the end of September, a couple of days after our wedding anniversary, so we made a weekend of it with my brother and his wife and some friends. My parents kindly looked after our little girl for us so we had a rare two nights away and had a brilliant time!

Stephen had messaged me the week before the wedding to ask if I I could make some cakes for after the church wedding ceremony so that guests would have something to keep them going before the wedding breakfast at the reception. They were asking various people to do the the same thing, so they asked each person to make enough for 20-25 people. The cakes didn’t need to be decorated, but I decided to make some cupcakes with simply decorated toppers with the bride and grooms initials.

I tried a new recipe from one of my favourite blogs, Summer Stone’s Cake Paper Party blog. It’s her Essential Vanilla Cupcakes recipe. I love her recipes and reading about the science behind them. I’ve raved about her blog several times before on here, but if you still haven’t seen it yet, I definitely recommend you have a look! I didn’t get to try one of the cupcakes at the wedding as I was too busy chatting and by the time I’d got to the cake table they were all gone, but when one of my friends went to the cake table another guest said to them; “Have one of those, they’re amazing!” so I take it from that they tasted ok! πŸ˜‰ All credit goes to Summer’s recipe!

I decided to stick to a few pastel colours and have three simple designs that featured the couple’s initials and some hearts. For the first design I used a Martha Stewart silicone mould for the frames that I’ve used a few times before when I’ve made cupcake toppers. I imprinted their initials first into the base, and then added a little heart in the corner of the picture frame. For the second design I made their initials out of another Martha Stewart silicone mould – the alphabet and numbers one. For the third design I used an extruder to pipe some lengths of fondant and then shaped them into hearts.

When it came to transporting them, I put the cupcakes with buttercream already swirled onto the top of them into airtight cupcake carriers. I’ve seen some really expensive ones, but mine are cheap (from Asda) and they’re great! I found that the first time I ever put cupcakes with fondant toppers inside, it made the fondant soften and so the bases of the toppers became slightly curved over the top of the buttercream. I was worried about this happening again as we were travelling up to the hotel the evening before which meant they’d be sat in the car for a while (M1 traffic on a Friday late afternoon…) so to avoid this happening I kept the toppers separate, laid out on kitchen paper on a tray. This meant they stayed firm and didn’t lose their shape. Once we got to the wedding I added the toppers to the buttercreamed (if that’s a word…) cupcakes so they were ready to go.

Although I didn’t get to try one, I’ve since made cupcakes using the recipe again and got to eat one this time! I really liked the recipe, so will definitely stick with it whenever I need vanilla cupcakes.

Congratulations Stephen and Ali, we had a brilliant day! πŸ™‚



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