Flowerpot Birthday Cake


Four days after making my sister-in-law’s Batman Cake it was my lovely mum’s birthday. We were having friends round to our house on the day of her birthday, so I knew there would be plenty of people to eat a two tiered cake!

As I’ve had a bit of a break from cake decorating (moving house, lots of work being done to the house, pregnancy, morning sickness, more morning sickness, lots more morning sickness… gorgeous lovely newborn baby boy to look after… πŸ™‚ ) I decided to take Lesley Wright from The Royal Bakery‘s Craftsy class ‘My Best Cake Yet’ to brush away the cake decorating cobwebs. And mainly just because I’m a massive fan of hers (may have mentioned that once or twice…) and am always interested to see how she goes about making her cakes as they are always amazing and always look flawless.

So this blog post is REALLY easy to write, because if you want to know how I made the cake, you just need to go and take Lesley’s class! (link to her facebook page here where she has a discount for 50% off her Craftsy class if you flick through her cover photos to the one with her flowerpot cake on. For some reason it’s cheaper in the UK if you go through the Facebook app on a mobile than through the desktop website, don’t ask me why!)


Not only does it cover making this cake, but it has loads of great tips for every single cake you make. It’s the first time I’ve ever got white chocolate ganache (formerly my nemesis…) to work! I can thoroughly recommend the whole class. πŸ™‚

If you’ve never heard of Craftsy before, it’s worth checking out. I really love it and find it a great way to learn. Once you’ve bought a tutorial (which are often discounted as much as 50%) you can view it as many times as you like, and the app hasΒ a 30 second rewind feature so that if you’re watching while you’re making something, you can get it to jump back and repeat that bit.

I’ve learnt so much from Craftsy classes, and have a fair few that I’ve bought when they’ve been on sale that I haven’t even got round to watching yet! I definitely recommend you go and take a look if you haven’t already πŸ™‚



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