Chalkboard & Peony Dedication Cake


Firstly, sorry I’m SO behind on updating this blog! I’ve had my hands full with two little ones (definitely not complaining, I LOVE being a mum and all that comes with it! Well, nearly all that comes with it. I’d maybe hand tantrums back… 😉) and going back to work after my maternity leave ended, so time for cakes and blog posts hasn’t been as much as it was before.

But, time to try and get back up to date now! So…

Our niece Mia was dedicated (similar to a christening service) in May last year and my sister-in-law asked me if I would make a cake for the party afterwards.

I was pretty much given free reign on the design, other than being asked to include pink or purple to tie in with the decorations. I’d wanted to try out a chalkboard effect for a while, so included that in the design, along with a pink tier and flowers to give it a girly theme.

A search on the internet showed a few differences techniques for chalkboard effects, and I opted for using white gel colour (thinned with vodka) to paint on the letters and icing (powdered) sugar dusted on to give a chalky look.

I found a font on the computer to use for the lettering and printed it at the exact size I wanted it to be on the cake. I then folded the paper so it was the right height to hold against the cake and traced over the letters with a small rounded tool firmly enough to leave an impression on the fondant. That meant I could paint the letters freehand onto the cake using the impression as a guide.

I hadn’t made a sugar flower for AGES so felt like I needed some practise! I used Shawna McGreevy’s YouTube peony tutorial which was really easy to follow, although I didn’t wire the centre of the flower as I just sat it on the top of the cake held in place with a cocktail stick.

For her name, I wrote out the letters on a piece of paper and traced over them again to leave an impression on the fondant. I’d already cut loads of little flowers out with a blossom plunger, so then just added them using the impression as a guide, and also added them between the tiers to soften the edge.


To finish off I then dusted the bottom tier with some icing/powdered sugar to add a chalky effect.

The top tier was lemon cake with lemon buttercream and white chocolate ganache, and the bottom tier was chocolate mud cake with chocolate frosting and dark chocolate ganache.

I keep my Instagram and Facebook pages up to date with my latest creations, so please check those out for the most to date pictures! (Links below 👇🏼) 😊

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