Pearl Wedding Anniversary Cake

In July last year (2016) my friend’s parents celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary with a party for family and friends.

My friend asked me to make a cake for the party and the brief was pearls, with a touch of black, but nothing too extravagant!

She asked for the cake to be 6, 8 and 10 inch tiers and lemon sponge with lemon buttercream. I’d never made a 10 inch cake before so was a little nervous as to how it would work out! I read up on how to adjust cooking times and oven temperatures for when you use a recipe in a different pan size on the Cake Paper Party blog as there’s a couple of really helpful posts there.

The main issues I had was a heatwave the day I did all the baking! With nine cakes to bake (three layers for each tier) it was not the best day to have the oven on for several hours!

In line with the brief, I decided to keep the design quite simple, so kept the cakes white and plain, apart from the middle tier which had a heart with ’30’ hand painted on in a chalkboard effect to tie in some black.

I made five sugar peonies for the top of the cake, again using the tutorial from Shawna McGreevy. I used Satin Ice gum paste to make those as you can roll it really thin (I use a pasta machine) and it dries firm without it being too brittle.

As it was a Pearl Anniversary Cake, I of course added some edible pearls! I used three different sizes and added them around the heart and the bottom tier.

I then finished the cake off with some black ribbon around the top tier and the cake board (not so noticeable in the photos as the cake is on a black table runner).

It was a manic week with the heatwave and also my husband having to work crazy hours at short notice (just over 100 hours in 6 days… 😳) so massive thanks to my amazing mum who came and helped look after my little ones so I could get everything done on the cake, and even offered to come back and babysit so I could deliver it to the venue and set it up!

I really enjoyed making this one (although maybe not so much having the oven on for so long when it was 30°C+… 😉)

Congratulations Roger & Linda!

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